Equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, full 1080p HD camera, a pair of powerful speakers and microphone and motorized wheels, EBO AIR can be controlled remotely with a simple touch of a screen. Featuring advanced AI technology, EBO AIR aims to keep your loved one's company, from your family to your pet, whenever you're away from home.


Using the EBO app, you can access your home and communicate with your family at all times. It’s your roam away from home. Its surveillance features make EBO SE a perfect home security robot that monitors every corner of your house and lets you know when suspicious activities are detected.

EBO, smart family companion for a lifetime.

What can the EBO do?

Connect to your home
Connect with your children
Connect with your family
Connect with your pets

Your smart family companion

Nine EBO features you will love

Remote Control

You can control the EBO remotely using the EBO app. EBO is connected to your Wi-Fi, so it doesn’t require wires or cables, and you can access your home from anywhere in the world.

Two-Way Communication

EBO is equipped with microphones and speakers, allowing for real-life 2-way communication.

Home Security

With 24-hour video recording, motion detection and infra-red night vision, EBO monitors every corner of you house, and tracks every move, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Its compact size allows EBO to go places no CCTV system could ever reach.

Night Vision

Equipped with 1080p high-definition infrared camera, EBO can record every moment in life.


When low on power, EBO automatically returns to its charging dock, so you never have to worry about it running out of power.

Auto Cruise

EBO allows you to schedule rounds throughout the day, whenever you are away. This function is perfect for keeping pets company during the day.

Bionic Adaptability

The EBO is programmed to adjust both its behavior and voice depending on its environment. Take EBO to different locations and see how it interacts.

Smart Features

Using advanced ToF technology, EBO can detect all sorts of obstacles ahead. When needed, it comes to a full stop, avoiding accidents and falls at all costs.

AI Features

With exclusive AI technology, the EBO AIR is able to identify your family and pets and automatically record, track and follow them, allowing for fun interactions throughout the day. Additional AI features include electronic pet skill and automatic video editing.